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The collection area for used clothes is spread over a radius of more than 100 km around the headquarters in Germersheim and along the Rhine, stretching in the north from Mainz to the southernmost  point far beyond Freiburg. A network of this size demands precisely planned logistics and professionalism at each step of the work.
Our textile bank and collection network is continuously analysed and where required improved, so that consistent site quality can be guaranteed.

Sturdy, high-quality textile banks with safe, easy-push drop-in systems and a large, dynamic recovery team with the requisite vehicle fleet ensure problem-free collection of the used clothes lying in the textile banks.

Our textile banks represent a secure source of income for charitable organisations that can be used to finance numerous aid projects. We either purchase the used textiles collected by the organisations for a fair price, or the organisations and associations provide us with sites on which to install our textile banks, for which they receive rent payments. We deliver the textile banks, collect the used clothes in our collecting vehicles and in this way save the charitable organisations the otherwise work-intensive collection of the used textiles.

  • Textile banks of the newest generation
  • Burglar-proof patent
  • First class management by our service staff
  • Site cleanliness
  • Insurance coverage


Should you have a textile bank site to let in a radius of 150 km around Germersheim, please contact us:

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Short profile

Remitex GmbH is the leading textile recycling company in the Rhineland-Palatinate, western Baden-Württemberg and southern Hesse region. In cooperation with non-profit/charitable organisations, private companies or public institutions we organise the collection of used textiles, sort them according to their quality and use, reintroduce them into the textile cycle and thereby make a substantial contribution to the conservation of natural resources and our environment.

Entsorgungsfachbetrieb Member Fachverband
Member Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe
und Entsorgung e. V.

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