Remitex GmbH Textile Recycling, used textiles collection and sorting

We offer certified collection, sorting and marketing services for used textiles

As a company belonging to the textile recycling industry, Remitex GmbH has been dedicating its efforts to the collection, sorting and sale of used clothing and textiles for over thirty years. Headquartered in the south German town of Philippsburg-Huttenheim, the company is a well-established and reliable partner when it comes to supporting charitable organisations and local administration in the collection of second-hand clothing. With our close-knit network of modern and well-kept textile banks, we ensure smooth and uncomplicated collection processes that are unrivalled in the Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg regions of Germany.

Each day, 30 to 35 tonnes of post-consumer textiles are processed in our sorting halls where they are separated into approximately 200 different grades according to quality and use. The sorted textiles range from clothing and shoes to bedclothes, duvets and other types of bulkier textile products.

The clients within our sales network are located on almost every continent of the world, which is why not only domestic but also international shipments are part of our day-to-day business and conducted with the utmost reliability.


  • LOGO-Stadt-Philippsburg
    With the construction of the new sorting and warehouse site in Philippsburg-Huttenheim, the Remitex GmbH has created new jobs and wonderfully replenished the local job-structure.
    S. Martus
    Mayor, city of Philippsburg
  • Peter Harms Remitex
    Being a logistics service provider, we need business partners such as the Remitex GmbH who guarantee a permanent in-time-delivery and a good reliability when it comes to order management.
    P. Harms
    Manager Schiffahrts- u. Speditionsges. mbH
  • secondhand-textilia-85
    We have now been customers of the Remitex GmbH for over 20 years. Among others, the high product and price quality are one of the reasons why we are still doing business with the Remitex textile recycling firm.
    E. Csaba
    Manager Second Hand Textília Kft.

We are:

Remitex Bvse

Member of Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e. V.

Remitex Fachverband Textilrecycling

Member of Fachverband Textilrecycling


Certified Entsorgungsfachbetrieb