Remitex Mixed Clothing

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Summer Mix Used Clothing
100% textile mix from overground textile bank collections in Germany and France
Cream/Rags/Garbage already removed. Qualities inside: 1st grade (f. ex. Eastern Europe), 2nd grade (f. ex. Africa), 3rd grade (f. ex. Pakistan)

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Professional & efficient packaging

Mixed used textiles large bales

All the Remitex used clothes mix items can be shipped in large bales. Each bale can have between approximately 300kg to 500kg of mixed textiles in different qualities. Most customers from the Asian or Latin-American continent choose this type of packaging, because it has the best loading capabilities for 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers. The textiles are compressed and therefore a lot of material can be transported inside only one container.

This is what you get

All sorts of textiles in different qualities

Our Remitex Mix all kinds of textiles. Clothing for men, women & children, accessories like hats, scarves, socks etc., also household products and all textiles that you would normally find in German and French households.

The textiles are in mixed qualities. All waste or rags or garbage items were removed in the sorting process. Also no cream quality is included, but therefore our mix includes all other grades and qualities.

The ratio of summer to winter items is approximately 30% to 70%, but these numbers are only an average and can vary from container to container.

If you decide to work with us you will get an experienced and reliable partner in the used textile business.

Used clothes from Remitex: a certified sorting company in Germany

The used textiles are processed in our German factory that is certified for the correct sorting of used textiles. We have an experience of nearly 40 years in the used clothing and second hand business. Our company has over 150 employees working in 2 factories. We know all the grades and have been selling to over 800 different customers in 4 different continents.

This is what you can do with it

Buy and sell used clothes
Market Used Textiles

Sell to different markets

The Remitex Mix has clothing and household textiles in different qualities (high to low). Many qualities can be worn and used again. You can sell these qualities to second hand markets, second hand shops in different countries (Eastern Europe, Africa, Pakistan, India etc.) or even sell them to customers in your own country and earn money from it.