We at Remitex GmbH always endeavour to offer our clients the best service possible. For this reason, total client satisfaction takes first place in our list of priorities. We achieve this goal by providing excellent industry competence and the guarantee of high quality standards.

The Remitex GmbH employees strive to continuously increase the benefits for the clients. We make improvements to our working processes on a daily basis, thus increasing not only our efficiency but also the satisfaction of our customers. Owner and managing director Klaus Mischon has stood for this commitment for over thirty years.

Mr. K. Mischon

Manager, owner

Mr. Meier

Sales & export manager

Mrs. Flügel

Assistant to the manager

Mrs. Mischon

Office manager

Mr. M. Mischon

Authorized signatory
Marketing & IT manager

Mrs. Schnepf

Office, HR, customer service

Mrs. Endres

Office, HR, customer service

Mrs. Koob

Office, accounting

Mrs. Klehr

Financial accounting

Mr. Flügel

Textile bank manager
Certified waste manager

Mr. Meyer

Shop manager

Mrs. Schrenk